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 November 26, 2015



I. Instant Order without Login

1. Click "Instant Order without Login" Button on the item page.

2. Enter receiver's address and click "Deliver to this address" button.

3. Click Checkout button to pay by 2checkout using credit card/debit card or click PayPal button to pay by PayPal.


II. Common Order Process

1. Sign up as a member.

As a member of china-cart, you can enjoy a truly personalized online shopping experience and benefits such as comprehensive product selections and so on.

2. Find the item that interests you.

To locate a specific item in china-cart, you may use our search engine or the page links.

3. Put your desired product into your shopping cart for afterwards consideration. When you decide to place an order and checkout, just click order.

4. Then the rest steps are similar with Instant Order.

III. Bank Remittance

Bank name: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Phone Number: (852) 2836 8788
Account Number: 01273192080866


IV.Western Union Payment

A: Send the payment online from Western Union's website:
B: Or find Western Union Agent locations worldwide:
Accountant Receiver's name: WANG TING
Accountant Receiver location: Qingdao, China


V. PayPal

You can also directly transfer the payment to our workshop's PayPal account Please email us the item name you choose and the quantity after payment. Then we can arrange the delivery for you ASAP.

If you need further information or any assistance, feel free to contact us at For your convenience, our Customer Care Department opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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