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 February 14, 2016
Fish Pattern Luminescent Dragon Dance Costume Complete Set

Fish Pattern Luminescent Dragon Dance Costume Complete Set

Category: Lion Dance Costumes and Dragon Dance Costumes

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Fish Pattern Luminescent Dragon Dance Costume Complete Set

Delivery: Free 3-7 days shipping worldwide by DHL, UPS, EMS or FedEx.

Size: For 9-10 people

Length of the dragon: 710"

Color: Orange and purple

History: The dragon dance dates back to the Han Dynasty (205 B.C. to 220 A.D. in China). It was already a popular event during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D. in China).

Handicraft: This long history workshop has provided worldwide artists and dancers with top dragon and lion dance costumes for over 120 years. This dragon is well handmade by the finest traditional craftsmen of this workshop.

1. The dragon glows amazingly in the dark, so it can be used both at daytime and at night, twice the use of the normal dragon;
2. Lightweight, easy handle, very durable;
3. Style: traditional Chinese southern glow in the dark dragon.

Uses: Big event celebration, happy festival celebration, grand opening and business promotion, parade, martial arts practice and performance, professional dragon dance competition, display, decoration, collection and stage performance.

This dragon dance costume is made up of the following parts:
1. The luminous big dragon head;
2. The luminous long dragon body;
3. The luminous dragon tail;
4. The luminous leading dragon pearl;
5. The framework.

Free gifts:
1. Guide 2DVD of Playing Dragon Dance and Lion Dance;
2. Dragon Dance Music CD.

Be Customized with Your Own Logo Design Free: This dragon can be custom with the words or logo on it. Both English and Chinese words can be done. If you want to let the traditional craftsmen custom it, you can leave a message on the order form. This custom made service is free.

If you have some requirements (such as rush order or color change etc.), feel free to leave us a message on the order form. This special service is free too.

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